SUMMARY: Cinematographer | Photographer 

Lena Vassiliou was born in Evia, Greece. She studied Photography and Audiovisual Arts in Athens, Greece. In 2004 she shot her first Documentary about  the Greek Magnum photographer Nikos Economopoulos. Few months later started working for him as an assistant that led to her participation in numerous photography workshops around the Balkans and Europe.  For the next years she is working as a photographer for various live concerts and theatrical shows across Greece.
In 2010 her second documentary " Live Show" participated in multiple film festivals in Greece and Europe. This same year she traveled to New York to study Documentary Filmmaking.  
In 2013 Lena got an Artist Visa from the US Government given to Individuals with Extraordinary Ability and Achievements. Since then she has been working as a Photographer and Filmmaker in New York City. 

 Contact Info:

email: vassilioulena@gmail.com